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Extrutech FORM System
Extrutech FORM is a  "stay in place"
concrete form  for 6" poured concrete walls.
Each FORM panel is 6" thick by 24" wide, cut to the inch up to 20' long or pre-cut
to project specifications and shipped as a kit to your jobsite.


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Stay in place concrete Forms by Extrutech Plastics
        U.S. Patent # 8,677,713                                                                               Canadian Patent # 2,833,490
Extrutech Plastics, Inc. brings a bright new face to concrete form construction by combining standard concrete form methods  with  the  easy-to-clean,  sanitary  surface  that  Extrutech  panels  have  always provided. This versatile, builder-friendly system features a two-foot wide, six inch thick precut panel that snaps together and locks in place using a double-spline E-Locking System. Creates a structural wall system that is a time-saver for both contractor and client, resulting in a bright white, sanitary, easy-to-clean finished wall.
Extrutech FORM  News: 
  Easy to remove protective film.
  Part Labeling and Panel Layout
  New Curved and Radius Corner Panels
  Revised Bracing Requirements
  Available Metal Tie Straps for Top of Walls


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  PC624 - Extrutech FORM
Stay-in-place Concrete Wall System 

USA E84 Test 
BRACING  Details

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Agricultural Industry

Extrutech FORM System features a double-spline, male/female interlocking joints and strong honeycomb interior walls designed to provide maxmum panel stability.


Photo Gallery:
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 Wall & Ceiling Panels -Extrutech FORM System
   Wall & Ceiling Panels - Extrutech FORM System-2
 Extrutech FORM -Side Walls
 Extrutech FORM - Robotic Room
Extrutech FORM - Robotic Room
 Extrutech FORM - Side Walls
 Extrutech FORM - Side Walls

 Extrutech FORM Close-Up view
  shows no extra support
 Extrutech FORM - Tunnel Area
Extrutech FORM System
  17Ft High  Side Wall
 Extrutech FORM System
17 Ft High Side Walls
 Extrutech FORM
  Supports 6000 lb. Van
  Stat in Place Concrete Forms by Extrutech        

  - Quick installation
  - Never needs paint
  - Fewer Seams - 2' foot wide panels
  - Custom cut panel kits to 20' foot

   - Snap together double spline, E-Locking System
  - Standard rebar reinforcing methods apply
  - Water and corrosion-proof
  - Cleans easily - low maintenance

  - Panels will not rust, rot, or flake
  - Resists mold, mildew, bacteria growth
  - Brightens the interior of any building
  - Available in a bright white, high gloss surface
  - Low maintenance, easy-to-clean,
    with water/mild cleaner
  - Protective film on both sides keeps panels        clean during construction
Recommended Uses:
 For any area that requires easy-to-clean concrete structural walls such as:
 - Dairy Barns
 - Cheese Plants
 - Bottling Plants
- Milking Parlors
- Food Processing
- Cold Storage
- Car Washes
- Clean Rooms
- Laboratories

  Panel Options:
 Insulated Stay in Place Concrete Forms
Extrutech FORM 
 FOAM Filled Insulated Panel
 Each panel 6" inches thick by 24" inches wide up to 20' long.
Insulated Stay in Place Concrete Forms
Extrutech FORM with 2" Insulated Panel
and Extrutech P2400 - 2' Foot wide Panel

Extrutech FORM can also be supplied filled with insulating foam that provides about an R-20. Insulated panels can be provided to lengths requested up to 20 feet long. Contact one of our sales people for more details and pricing of this option.

Extrutech FORM can also be insulated with 2" of insulated form board for R-14. Brick and stone masonary may be added to exterior, to enhance the buildings appearance.


 Applied directory to surface of the panel with a large number of patterns, sizes, and colors avaliable in individual or panel sizes to cover large areas quickly.

    Edge View - With Sill
       Color:  CHARMING
     Color:  CITY CREAM
 Top View - With Sill
 The Extrutech FORM panels lock together with a overlapping joint and use a double spline "E-Locking System" that allows the panel to be joint together side by side, without having to lift one panel over the other or slide one panel down the edge of another.  

Extrutech FORM Corner Detail locked together
with the double spline E-Locking System.
Note: Two spline inserts are required at each joint.

    Two Extrutech FORM Panels shown with Rebar
Double Spline, Vacuum and Electrical Chase.

  Extrutech FORM Panels shown on standard footing
 with required rebar as per design requirments.

        Extrutech FORM Panels shown on standard footing
        with horizontal and vertical bracing.


Extrutech FORM System shown on standard footing
with required horizontal and vertical bracing.

        Extrutech FORM System shown on standard footing
  with support bracing durning construction.

Extrutech Plastics is continually working to develop new building products
 to meet ever-changing needs of our customers.
  Contact us with your requirements for your next project.


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