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 Extrutech FORM System Extrutech Wall Liner Panels  & Trim Options Extrutech Ceiling & Wall
     Panels Installation
Extrutech Horizontal &
Colored Stripe Installation

Extrutech Product Videos                              

Extrutech Plastics has a number of product videos that provide detail information about the products we offer. The Video at the right, Meet Extrutech gives you a breif introduction about Extrutech and our capabilities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on any of the products shown in any of the videos, Phone: 888-818-0118 or at . 

 1. Meet Extrutech Plastics
 3. Extrutech Kocourek Farm Tour
Wall Liner Panels & Trims  
 7. Horizontal & Color Stripe Installation
 9. Clean Rooms & In-Plant Rooms
11. Extrutech Door Frames
Extrutech Shutter Profiles
15. Extrutech Window Buck Construction

2. Extrutech Dairy Farm Tour

FORM Wall System
6. Wall & Ceiling Installation
8. Dovetail Partion Wall
10. Extrutech Doors
Suspended Ceiling Panels
Custom Extrusion Capabilities 


 1.  Meet Extrutech Plastics     (Page Link)    
   Click on Bottom Right Corner for Full Screen


2   Extrutech Dairy Farm Tour           (Product Link )           (Showcasing Wisconsin Dairy Farms)        

    3  Extrutech Kocourek Farm Tour  (Product Link)   
      (Stay-in-place Concrete Wall Panel System )    

        Using the Extrutech FORM System              


   4  Extrutech FORM WALL System    (Product Link ) 
     ( Stay-in-place Concrete Wall Panel System,    

  5   Wall Liner Panels & Trims     (Product Link )
    ( 1/2" Wall Liner Panels, # P1300, P1600, P2400 and Trims, )

  6   Wall & Ceiling Installation           (Product Link )      (1/2" Wall Liner Panels, # P1300, P1600, P2400 and Trims )

   7  Extrutech Horizontal & Color Stripe(Product Link)
     (1/2" Wall Liner Panel Trims, # P1300, P1600, & P2400 )

   8  Dovetail Partiton Wall System         
(EPI9000 1 3/4" x 36" Wide Panel )
        (Product Link)


    9  Extrutech Clean Rooms & In-plant Rooms
     ( EPI9000 1 3/4"x 36" Panel and P224 2 1/4"x 24" Panels )
(Product Link)     

  10  Extrutech Doors                 (Product Link)
D9000 1 3/4" Doors and Frame Options )

  11  Extrutech Door Frames           (Product Link)
EX1000, Ex1001 and CB1700 Frame Options )

  12  Extrutech Suspended Ceiling Panels      
      (CP2400 Ceiling Grid Panels)                  (Product Link)

   13   Extrutech Shutter Profiles             
Solid and Rigid Profiles)                         (Product  Link)


  14   Extrutech Custom Extrusion Capabilities
      ( Custom Extrusion Profiles)                   (Product Link)

  15   Extrutech Window Buck and Trims
       ( FORM Window Bucks and Trims )       (Product Link)
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