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Food Process Photo Gallery

Extrutech Wall Liner Panels provide a sanitary, easily cleanable surface - perfect for incidental food contact applications. These panels have a smooth, bright white, non-porous surface that gives any room a modern clean room appearance.  

Recommended uses:
Food Process
Cheese Plants
Meat Coolers
Milk Plants
Medical Process
Bottling Plants
Clean Rooms
Milking Parlors
Seafood Process
Packaging Rooms
Sanitary - easy to clean
            Waterproof - no rot or rust
            No exposed fasteners
            Highly reflective
            No exposed fasteners
            Installs quickly and easily
            Ideal for high-moisture areas 
            New construction or remodel
            Ten-year warranty           
   Extrutech Sanitary Wall Liner Panel (Item# P2400 )  

Extrutech liner panels brighten up rooms for safer worker access and mounting control boxes over the panels is easy,                  
all with no exposed fasteners.

Extrutech P2400 Wall Panel 
Wall Panels by Extrutech Plastics
Wall Panel installation of Extrutech Panels
 Suspended Ceiling with Extrutech Panels
Wall & Ceilng Panels by Extrutech Plastics
Wall & Ceiling Panels by Extrutech Plastics
     Before Panels             After Installation

Before Panel installation

Suspended Ceiling Panels
       by Extrutech Plastics

 Suspended Ceiling Panels
 by Extrutech Plastics

Suspended Ceiling Panels and Wall Panels
By Extrutech Plastics provide bright clean room
 Food Process Room - New Addition
  with Extrutech Panels on Walls & Ceiling

 Another New Food Process Room
 with Extrutech Panels on Walls & Ceiling

Bright white high gloss panels for
 New Food Process Room - Extrutech Plastics

Extrutech Suspended Ceiling Panels provide the same bright clean surface, that is as easy to install. 
With ceiling panels avaliable in 2x4 foot to 2x10 foot lengths.


Extrutech Wall Liner Panels provide a easy to clean, non-porous surface, as used here in this meat process room
with our 24" wide (Item# P2400) panel on all the walls, - with no exposed fasteners.


Extrutech 24" wide (Item# P2400) wall liner panels brighten rooms and provide easy to clean walls.
As shown here used in a meat process room.


Extrutech's  24" wide (Item# P2400) wall liner panels provide a clean bright work area as shown here used in food process rooms.


 Extrutech liner panels can be fitted behind and around exsiting fixtures and piping, to provide a new, clean work area
as shown in these food process rooms.


Extrutech wall liner panels provide a bright, easy to clean work area. Wiith our 24" wide ( Item# P2400 ) panel shown here.


Extrutech liner panels provide bright, easy to clean work area. 
For tight areas of less access use our 12" wide ( Item# P1300 ) panel.

The following photos show Extrutech liner panels use in a retrofit ceiling application. With the panels mounted directly to the building structure. 


 Extrutech Panels mounted to the ceiling of a process plant


Extrutech bright white liner panels used to cover the ceiling, aid natural & fixture lighting to help reduce energy cost.


Extrutech liner panels on the ceiling and used to cap beams and purlins.




Extrutech liner panels can be fitted around existing Extrutech Liner Panels 12" wide profile (Item# P1300 panel)
  can be easily fitted around piping and fixtures that help with a quicker installation. 
As shown here with the P1300 panel used to cover a ceiling. 

Extrutech Plastics Demountable Walls provide a flexable option for food processors that need to limit access or seperate work areas from cross contamination.
Demountable walls are pre-assembled to the customers requirements, knocked down for shipping, and ready for installation at the customers site.
Can later be reconfigured to meet your changing needs. 
Demountable wall panels (Item# EPI9000) are 36 inches by 1 3/4 inches thick, cut the customers requested length, and available with many options.

Insulated / Non- Insulated
            Steel Reinforced
            Stainless Steel trim 
            Pass-thru Openings
            Made to customer requirements


Sanitary - easy to clean
            Waterproof - no rot or rust
            Highly reflective
            No exposed fasteners
            Installs quickly and easily
            Ideal for high-moisture areas 
            New construction or remodel


 Extrutech Demountable Walls  12 foot high with the folllowing:
 single and double doors with double swing hinges & windows 
Stainless steel base channels and around openings of pass-thru conveyors.





 Extrutech Panels used in a cooler.

 P2400 Panels used in a cooler

  Extrutech Panels on walls and ceiling  Extrutech Panels can be used to trim around Windows


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