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     Panels Installation
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Brochures & Literature


Extrutech FORM Stay-in-place Wall system

Extrutech Plastics
Extrutech 2 1/4" Thick Partition Wall

(PDF - 58KB) 
Extrutech Plastics
Extrutech FORM Wall System

(PDF - 395KB)
Extrutech Plastics
Product Capabilities

(PDF - 304KB)
Extrutech Plastics

(PDF - 775KB)
Extrutech Plastics Wall & Ceiling Product Catalog Extrutech Car Wash Panel Catalog Extrutech Dairy Industry Brochure
Extrutech Plastics
Wall & Ceiling Product Catalog

(PDF - 381KB)
Extrutech Plastics 
Food Process Brochure

(PDF - 381KB)
Extrutech Car Wash
Panel Catalog

(PDF - 66KB)

Extrutech Dairy
Industry Brochure

(PDF - 460KB)

EasyLife Flyer #1 EasyLife Flyer #2 ExtruCrete - Sanitary Panel for Tip-up Walls  Extrutech Suspended Ceiling System
EasyLife Flyer #1
(PDF - 113KB)
EasyLife Flyer #2
(PDF - 130KB)

ExtruCrete Sanitary Panel
for Tip-up  Walls
(PDF - 198KB)

Extrutech Suspended
Ceiling System

(PDF - 76KB)
Material Estimating Guidelines Maintenance & Cleaning Instructions Ten Year Panel Warranty Panel & Trim Details
Material Estimating

(PDF - 47KB)
Maintenance & Cleaning

(PDF - 31KB)
Fifteen Year Panel

(PDF - 38KB)
Panel & Trim Details
Installation Instructions

(PDF - 327KB) 

Extrutech Pre-Hung PVC Doors Extrutech Solid PVC Door Frames Extrutech Cleanroom Flyer  Extrutech Demountable Wall Panel System 

Extrutech Pre-Hung

(PDF - 147KB) 

Extrutech Solid PVC
Door Frames

(PDF - 119KB)

Extrutech CleanRooms
(PDF - 113KB)

Extrutech Demountable
Wall System
(PDF - 116KB)

What is New?

Haven't you always wanted to be famous?

Well, here’s your chance! Extrutech Plastics, Inc. proudly announces the inception of our “Job of the Month” program!

Beginning in 2008, a panel of experts will select the Job of the Month from all of the photos and testimonials submitted the prior month. The winner will receive a $200.00 gift certificate for the monthly prize, and will also be eligible for our $500.00 year-end Grand Prize! Additionally, photos & testimonials will be featured on our web-site and/or in our various advertising campaigns.

Please contact our office at 888-818-0118 for details, get your camera out, and good luck!

Industry Articles




Why PVC Wall and
Ceiling Panels?

(PDF - 381KB)

2007 MCA Trendsetting Product of the Year
2007 MCA Trendsetting
Product of the Year

(PDF - 235KB)
Spiff Up Your Wash with New Walls
Spiff Up Your Wash
with New Walls

(PDF - 524KB)




The Wall

(PDF - 381KB)

June Issue 2007 Walls & Ceiling Magazine
June Issue 2007
Walls & Ceiling Magazine
(PDF - 637KB)
Fall 2004 Issue of Self Service Car Wash News
Fall 2004 Issue of
Self Service Car Wash News
(PDF - 689KB)
Extrutech Demountable Wall System (Brochure)-out
Extrutech Demountable
Wall System (Brochure)

(PDF - 1.6MB)

Extrutech Plastics
Extrutech Installation Costs

(PDF - 704KB) 

Press Releases

Ten Year Panel Warranty
Extrutech Plastics
receives ISO 9001-2000 QMS
Certification (1-8-09)

(PDF - 381KB)
Ten Year Panel Warranty
Extrutech Suspended Ceiling
System (2-5-09)

(PDF - 338KB)
Ten Year Panel Warranty
Extrutech Panels for
the Car Wash Industry (8-18-08)

(PDF - 381KB)
Ten Year Panel Warranty
Extrutech Panels for
the Dairy Industry (8-18-08)

(PDF - 64KB)
Material Estimating Guidelines
Extrutech Panels for
the Food Processing
  (PDF - 68KB)




Extrutech Plastics has been
Certified ISO 9001-2008 QMS Compliant
 (PDF - 66KB)

Extrutech Plastics celebrates
completion of Taylor Cheese project.

Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
2013 ISO Certification

(PDF - .91MB) 

Press Kit

Under Construction.

Benefits of Plastics

Why Plastics?

Why use plastics? The benefits of using Extrutech Plastics' cellular trim boards, zero maintenance panels, and other products include the following:

• Solid boards, maintenance free.
• Environmentally friendly, no trees are sacrificed.
• Solid, closed cell foam structure much like wood, but no knots, no waste.
• Moisture and chemical resistant.
• Non-toxic.
• Hard skin with excellent impact and durability.
• Can be worked like wood. Fasten with nails or screws.
• Resists mold, mildew, fungus, salt, chemicals, pollutants and insects, will not rot. Termites hate the taste!
• Use as a finish trim board around windows and doors, and as house fascia trim. Use where water and moisture is a problem.
• Use indoor or outdoor for deck skirting, spas, vertical siding, pool rooms, dairy barns or sun rooms.
• Panels are lightweight, easy to install with hidden nailing fin – no exposed nails or fasteners.
• Easy cleaning with damp cloth and common household detergent, spray off with hose.
• Colorfast – never needs painting, comes in various colors.
• Rodent and termite proof.
• Will not warp, rot, rust, corrode, stain, chip or peel.
• Impact resistant, durable and strong.
• Tongue and groove interlock designs look great!
• Duo-wall design for insulation and noise reduction value.
• Color coordinated trim mouldings available.

Uses of Plastics

Under Construction.
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