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Extrutech FORM Housing Structures

Extrutech FORM Panel House

 Extrutech FORM Structures are designed to your specifications.
Built using the Extrutech FORM System and filled with steel rebar and concrete these panels are the perfect building component to withstand the wet and windy climates in our hurricane zones of North America and the stormy weather in your area. We put together a complete kit that include all the walls, doors, windows, ceiling panels, roof system and all the necessary trims for the complete structure. You will need to supply the concrete for the walls and floor and furnish the mechanicals as required by your local building codes.

Give us a call (888-818-0118), or send us a Email with your plans on
 what you would need and we can provide a material quote at no cost to you.


Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  - Front View                               

 Extrutech FORM HouseExtrutech FORM House
          Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  - Left Front View                                                           Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  - Right Front View
          Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  -  Front Interior View                                                       Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  -  Right Side Interior View
 Extrutech FORM House
     Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  -  Back, Right Side Interior View                                           Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin  -  Back Door, Interior View

        Extrutech FORM Cabin  Wall Panel Layout                                                                      Extrutech FORM Panel Cabin -  Back, Interior View

   Extrutech FORM Panel System  

The Extrutech FORM is a Stay-In-Place Concrete Form for poured walls.
It is a quick setup, pre-cut system, that provides a smooth, non-porous,
easy-to-clean, finished concrete structural wall in 6" and 8" thick forms;
with insulated panels are also available. Ideal for storm prone areas.
These durable panels are two feet wide, extruded to desired length based
on building dimensions and snap together quickly for ease of installation.
They provide a non-porous pre-finished, high-gloss surface on both sides,
reducing both installation and finishing time, while providing and easy-to-clean
sanitary, solid, load-bearing wall structure that is ready for trusses, windows
and doors as soon as the concrete has cured.